Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to maintain my SD257

To my surprise, there's basically not much maintanence needed.

The measuring tools - tablespoon, teaspoon and cup don't need much wash.

The pan is non-stick so after I take out the bread it's already clean and smooth.

The only thing I might need to do to clean up is to take off the kneading blade and clean that part. It might be difficult to take off but after reading the manual I found it a good solution to soak it in water for a few minutes. It's easy to take off then. Even this I don't need to do it every time. I guess I can do it every couple of days if I make a loaf every day. (I'm very lazy I know.)

I don't seem to have needed to clean any other parts of the machine. Every time I open it I leave it open so it gets air-dried if there's any water or moisture left anywhere.

So basically the only time I need to spend on the bread machine is probably a few minutes per loaf: putting all the ingredients in, plus the cleaning of the kneading blade. Considering how much we get from this machine, it's REALLY low maintenance.

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