Saturday, July 3, 2010

100703 my brioche dough small breads

Don't you just love weekends. I especially love it now coz I have time to make breads from doughs. I got up as early as I do on work days and started straight away on bread making. My goal was to make a few batchs that'll be enough for our family for the next whole week and even for some gifts to our friends who we'll see this weekend. We're meeting a family tonight for dinner and we're going to see another family for a birthday party tomorrow and I believe homemade breads will make a hit. Although I know my breads are not as good looking as the shop bought ones, I know they will appreciate the homemade nature of these breads. And what can make you feel better than sharing your homemade breads!

This is my second batch today. Another trial that turned out not too bad.I basically tried the brioche recipe on the pizza dough cycle. I kind of risked coz I don't know the difference between each type of dough cycles. The brioche cycle doesn't have a dough cycle. It can only bake. I could have used the brioch cycle to make the dough and break the cycle after the rising but it would take 2 hours 40 minutes and I couldn't wait. So I tried the pizza dough cycle which takes only 45 minutes (still too long to me! LOL). When the cycle finished I found the dough too soft. I mean I could have looked earlier and added some flour. Nevermind. I just kneaded on the floured surface for a while and added some flour this way. Then I lost patience (one of the reasons I can't make nice things!) and decided to simply separate them into small pieces using my fingers, instead of cutting them. They looked very ugly:
But after proofing and baking they looked a lot nicer! Well, at least to me...

I guess I'm just kind of eager to experience different experiments instead of trying to make the perfect looking bread. I care more about the flavour, the texture of the final result than the look.

I used my version of the brioche recipe from my bread maker manual and used the pizza dough cycle.

Yeast 11⁄4 tspPlain Flour 400 g
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 21⁄2 tbsp
Olive oil 120 g
Water 170 ml
Eggs, medium 2 (approx. 100 g)

As the dough turned out too soft, I guess next time I'll put in more flour.

Proofing in the oven with a bowl of water took about 15 minutes and then baking 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. So basically about 8:05am to 9:30am.

The end products are very soft, with a different taste which I think due to the eggs (the pizza dough recipe doesn't have eggs). Very nice.

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