Monday, July 12, 2010

100710 unsuccessful dough made into plain buns

The first dough I made on Saturday morning, before these buns, were unsuccessful, being my first unsuccessful experiment using the bread maker. I eliminated all the ingredients that I considered 'excess' (salt, sugar and milk powder) and used only water, flour, yeast and a little bit of polenta. It came out very un-rised. It was the first time I knew what a 'doorstop' is...

I left it for a couple of hours to rise and made them into plain buns to steam. They came out not too bad:

DH said he still preferred something with sugar, even just a little bit. These buns taste just too plain. I guess salt, sugar and milk powder will still be present in my future recipes.

Recipe for this unsuccessful trial is

Yeast 1tsp
Plain flour 550g
Polenta 50g
Water 330ml

(I know it's quite aggressive change....)

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