Sunday, July 18, 2010

100717 baked beef rolls

This was one of my favourites from my uni's food court when I was in uni in Beijing at least 12 years ago. The food court was named the best among all the unis in Beijing. I was at least 10kgs heavier than I am now. Even when I'm now 30 weeks pregnant I'm still not as heavy as when I was in the uni. So you can imagine how delicious the food in the food court was.

Anyway after graduation I've been making them myself occasionally and both me and my hubby love them every time. They're very easy to make, as long as you can make a dough.

Basically you just make a dough and knead it into a big piece thinner than a pizza base, and spread minced beef mix on it and roll it up and cut it into small pieces and bake them in the oven. The oil from the beef mix will come out down during the baking and make the bottom of the rolls crispy which is the best part.

Recipe for beef mix:

minced beef
soy sauce
chopped shallots
salt (optional)

I never measure how much I use of each ingredients. Every time I just use however much I feel like. Normally I use enough soy sauce so I don't need to add any salt. I normally put a lot of oil in the mix so that I can be sure there's enough oil to go down there to make the bottom crispy.

Whenever I get one of these beef rolls, I certainly eat the crispy bottom first. Hehe. Then I'll go up and eat the rest inside which can be very soft and tasty.

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