Sunday, July 18, 2010

100718 sweet buns for kids

DD doesn't seem to like any of the breads/buns I've made. I feel quite frustrated and decided to make more varieties to see if I can find out any types that she likes. So today I used my newly bought muffin trays (I bought a 6 piece set from kmart yesterday) to make these sweet buns. They were easy to make. I used the dough recipe that I've always been using and cut the dough into three pieces. I rolled out each piece to put in different fillings. One was with strawberry jam, another with sultana, and the last with hazelnut spread. DD always likes hazelnut spread on her bread. I rolled the pieces up to make long logs and cut them into pieces and put in the muffin tray. There were two extra so I used two paper cups. I put some whole egg glazing on them to make them more appealing.
Before proofing:

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