Thursday, August 19, 2010

100817 happy bread

This is actually a Chinese recipe for 'Happy Bread' which is specially made for traditional weddings in the villages in my hometown. These 'Happy breads' were quite popular in my hometown and areas closeby. I don't know if they still exist nowadays since I've been away from my hometown for about 10 years. But I crave the flavour and texture of them. So when I came across this recipe the other day, I recorded it down and used it to make a bread in my bread machine (I was just too lazy to make a dough and make the real 'Happy Bread' in a pan like the original recipe calls).


5g yeast
420g plain flour
100g sugar
4 eggs
60g oil
20ml water (the recipe says it's the best if use only eggs but no water)

Basic bake cycle with light crust.

It came out very dark, probably due to the amount of the sugar. It tastes very nice, pretty much like the portuguese sweet bread I made the other day (no wonder I liked the Portuguese Sweet Bread!). It's not one of those soft breads (such as normal sandwich bread) because it's not supposed to be very soft. But that's what I like. It feels more like a cake than a bread.

In the original recipe you can see how these Happy Breads look like. They're baked in a pan not oven (oven was migrated to China not long ago and even now no one has an oven in my grandparents villages), and rolled in the pan by hand so that the whole thing has an even orange colour.

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