Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100824 Red bean paste buns

Since I started using the dough cycle I've been craving these red bean paste buns. I know red bean paste can be found in Chinese grocery shops but I only found it last week. I also found dates paste which is my favourite too.

I'm off work today so I finally made my long time craving red bean paste buns.

I used a dough recipe from this blog

yeast 2t
flour 300g
milk powder 4T
salt 1/3t
sugar 3T
egg 1
oil 20g
water 105ml

Basic dough cycle for 2h20m

The dough came out easier to handle than the doughs I made before. I like this recipe.

This is the red bean paste (I know I can DIY, but I'm now more focusing on how the buns can turn out not how to make the paste. I believe I will make my own red bean paste in the near future.):
So, wrap the paste in small pastries made out of the dough:
And put the wrapped side down so it looks nice:
I steamed some coz I believe I'll love the steamed ones more coz they're softer:
These are the baked ones. I know I sprinkled too many sesame seeds...
Delicious! I love them!

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